For a diligent and resourceful private investigator, turn to me, Jean Mignolet of Mignolet Business Research Consultants in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Here are my clients' positive reviews about my services:


“Typically, the police are too busy to handle fraud cases. That's why our firm hires Mignolet Business Research Consultants. They know what's legal. They are thorough, and they stick to a budget.”

“Jean is a subject-matter expert for open-source investigations. She teaches our law enforcement officers how to build cases using public records and the Internet.”

“Prior to purchasing a company, I had Jean investigate the owners. She also worked with the company's accountant who was preparing the financials. Her background checks found things the sellers did not disclose, which helped me decide not to buy the business.”

“We hired Mignolet Business Research Consultants to surveil an employee who claimed he was unable to work due to an on-the-job injury. A video of him fastening a ladder onto his truck's roof swayed the jury, and his worker's comp claim was denied.”

“When our mother, who has considerable assets, decided to remarry, we hired Jean to look into the prospective groom's background. Good thing we did! She discovered he had fabricated most of it. Based on Jean's findings, our mother called off the wedding.”

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